Tuesday 23 November 2021


 I haven't been on a Clarion Cycling Club ride for ages (years) now, and since retiring as Webmaster don't get to see many of the old comrades. New secretary is Nick Hider who is keeping it all together on the social media. I use my eBike every day to Cafe Italiano, kept in top nick by Darsh from eBike Repairs of Bexhill. I recently had the battery souped up but have yet to test it for range. I'd hate to run out of juice far from home! At National Clarion level there has been a bit of Argy Bargy over changes to the constitution to eliminate the reference to Socialism! We weren't happy with that, although outgoing Secretary Ian Bullock added in a potted history. Another Section keeping the faith is London Section who we have ridden and drunk beer with in the past and hopefully will do more of in the future! 

Friday 10 July 2020

My Weird Cycle Lanes website has been resurrected, but Facebook deems it unsafe as I'm using a free hosting service popular with ner-do-wells and gangsters!


Meanwhile here's a great article from the Grauniad exploding those arguments you see all the time used by cycle moaners!