Sunday, 20 April 2003

Just went up to Asda to do my Easter shopping -- in my car -- and it was closed!! Did manage to take a few snaps of the strange cycle lane that Dave Green alerted me to. Also added some more guest photos from Cyclotron of Bexley Road, Erith.

Saturday, 12 April 2003

Leighton Buzzard pictures from David Miller added in the Guest section.

Sunday, 6 April 2003

Mrs R Jones writes: As I suspected, local authorities do not use common sense when setting up bike lanes! I found the article about your 'study' amusing as well as depressing. I expect you will now be flooded with examples.
Argyll & Bute are genuinely very hard up, with a very small population
spread over a huge area - therefore miles of road surfaces needed to
ecourage tourists, not enough rate-payers, and pockets of population on many
islands needing schools, rubbish removal etc. Despite their lack of excess
money, they have built a cycle lane on the A814 between Rhu along the
Gareloch side past the Royal Naval Base Clyde to just before the junction
with the A817. I believe that many Base employees travel in by bike and the
conditions are considerably awkward in the morning rush hour. This bike
lane is to try to avoid, among other areas, the bottle-neck past the Royal
Northern Yacht Club on the corner in Rhu. BUT this would involve the
cyclists crossing back and forward across the main road at least twice! with
no help from traffic lights or road junctions. I gather the cyclists
continue on the much more sensible (but dangerous?) route along the road.

Thursday, 3 April 2003

Other small protest sites

Dr Stephen J Wozniak writes: I have linked your site to . You will find it summarised in the 'other small protest sites' section (see the sitelayout page for navigation details). Please let me know if the summary is OK with you, and because my site is new, please try and 'spread the word' amongst your email contacts. Having 'seered' mentioned on your site would probably help too. If you know any journalists who are interested in use of the Internet for protest against incompetence in government, and consumer protection, please let them know of seered.

Patrick Brady of Asphalt Magazine writes: There's a new road bike magazine in America called Asphalt. We'd like to do a short piece on your site in a future issue. If you could forward us any hi-res images of your existing photos, we'd be grateful as it would help demonstrate the nonsensical planning behind so many bike lanes.

Heather Burtonof Ulm, Germany writes: you may be interested in Get out of the bike lane!
They seem to be having an influence too.
Keep up the good work and well done in getting into the Telegraph.