Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Brighton & Hove City Council - cycling conference: "The 'Cycling and the Urban Realm' conference to be held at Hove Town Hall, launches the three year 'cycling demonstration town' project, awarded to Brighton & Hove last autumn. The project will attract £3 million of funding over three years." Council press release for the conference held on Friday 27 January.

Monday, 30 January 2006


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Make your mind up! Presumably it was NO CYCLES at first than someone had a change of heart and allowed them in - but not being ridden!

Saturday, 28 January 2006


Ebay cyclelane
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Not one of mine! This is the cycle lane in Cornwall for sale on Ebay! There were no takers at a starting price of 99p. See below for description.

Better by bike

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Yes, we know it is! This story is about the Cycling and Urban Realm conference at Hove Town Hall, and about the £3million Brighton has received as Cycling Demonstration Town. I do so hope it won't be frittered away in red tape and beaurocracy - and jollies for council officials to visit Denmark!

Meanwhile, on the last friday of January (and every month) about 60 brave souls plus a handful of cycle bobbies and a CCTV van (to prevent multiple rotations of roundabouts) cycled around Brighton's snowy roads in the latest Critical Mass, taking a small detour through the railway station to see if we could get our bikes onto rush hour trains. Not possible I'm afraid!


Tuesday, 24 January 2006

eBay.co.uk: Cycle Lane (item 7213485137 end time 28-Jan-06 11:54:08 GMT): this link won't be here for ever so I'll rescue the photo and text!


This auction is for an extremely useful cycle lane. Developed by Cornwall County Council at a cost of £123,014 grab yourself a bargain with no reserve starting at 99p.


At 12.32 metres in length, any cyclist, however fit, will never be able to gain sufficient speed to incur a serious accident. In pre-consumer trials I did try a standing fall and grazed my elbow.

Can be used for cycle lane training. Indicate left, pull into cycle lane, brake, check that nothing is coming, pull out and continue. Use it with your children to ensure correct cycle lane entry and exit technique.

I am currently working on a scheme to create a fold up version that could be slotted into panniers; this I think could prove very especially useful in city centres where taxis have no respect for cyclists. Pedestrians may be frustrated.

I am open to any other suggestions.

A forum will be set up at Cornwall County Council to assess strategic environmental benefit contingencies. A raft of cycle lane policy pre-implementation documents will be forwarded to the home office and a purple paper delivered to the offices of DEFRA for personal perusal by John Prescott to cross reference with his current transport initiative.


This lane was designed by a health and safety committee working to exacting European regulations. The committee presented proposals for a draught consultation exercise in October 1987, this was reviewed and a 20th scale model produced by a team of experts flown in from Seattle. On approval of the planning committee representatives from friends of the earth decided that the tar content of the bitumen element of the surface might introduce fatigue in the localities hump back toad population and so recommended the use of a synthetic compound subsequently imported from Nicaragua.

Councillor Imap Eddling added 'we here at CCC spare no expense looking after the safety of our environmentally aware commuters'.

Any funds raised will be donated to MENCAP

Please check out other useful devices on this site.

Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Cyclists try to put a spoke in rush-hour train ban: "Dozens of cyclists staged a protest to mark the first day of a bicycle ban on trains. Southern trains is turning away bikes to create more space on its overcrowded rush-hour trains between London and Brighton."

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Cyclists unite to protest bike ban: "Cyclist Richard Bates, a Mid-Sussex district councillor, has called for decommissioned carriages to be brought back into service as bike wagons, which could also be used for special events such as the London to Brighton Ride."

Thursday, 12 January 2006

Cycle Train Commuter Group: The sole reason for providing this site is to co-ordinate efforts to try and get Southern to rethink their cycle carrying policies on peak time trains running from the South Coast to London Victoria.