Saturday, 16 April 2005

Letter: Five bike points: "To condemn all cyclists on the behaviour of a small minority is akin to saying all motorists force me off the road, cut me up, knock me off my bike, park on cycle lanes and pollute the very air I breathe," says Mike Smith.
Letter: Come and join us: "I was disappointed with Mike Ward's article. Normally, he writes a lot of sense (being an Albion fan) but I'm afraid this wasn't funny and reinforces prejudices some people have about cyclists," writes Howie Blanks.
Letter: If cyclists are bad, car drivers are much worse: "In response to Mike Ward's rant about cyclists, 'Psychopaths on cycle paths' (The Argus, April 12), he needs to relax a bit, take a holiday, do something he enjoys for a day," says Bob Courtney.