Wednesday, 29 October 2003

Roy Spilsbury writes: Cycle access to proms is an issue up here and we have made significant progress in gaining access along much of the North Wales coast, although there are still battles to be�won.���

Bearing in mind your own seaside aspect, you might be interested in a webpage we have just uploaded onto �the CTC Cymru North Wales site concerning the town of Penmaenmawr

I keep in touch with your own site and notice a wintry shot along the Colwyn Bay prom which even our locals haven't seen !

Regards and good luck with your crusade.

Tuesday, 14 October 2003

Paul Rea, Chairman of CycleLincs writes:
Hi there,
Earlier this year I wrote:

I thought you might like the latest cycle lane to appear in Lincoln.
It's on Sincil Bank, near the football ground.
For some time CycleLincs, the Lincoln Cycle Campaign Group,
have been trying to get the County Council to put in a cycle route to the hospital.
Perhaps this is their solution!

Thanks for putting it on your site.
The good news is that it has now been improved and so the cycle lane no longer goes into the fence, but feeds into a chicane.��Perhaps your site has persuasive powers! I'd like to thank you for giving us stardom, but would be grateful if you would take it off your site as it is no longer weird.��
Thanks again.
All the best

Thursday, 2 October 2003

Stephane for PlaceOVelo writes:
Thanks for the link.
I had seen the page with Bruges pictures. For your information, Belgium is
divided into three parts, for bicyclers : the North /flemish part with a not
so bad level of layout, then Brussels with a intermediate level and the
south / Wallonie with a no existent systems. So Bruge is one of the good
area in Belgium...
Infrastructure -- are cycle lanes safe? link referenced in article by Patrick James in the latest Bricycles newsletter (October-December 2003)