Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Brighton drink driver had leg in plaster

Brighton drink driver had leg in plaster (From The Argus): "The police officer was forced to jog alongside the runaway saloon shouting at the customer services assistant to put the handbrake on." Drunk driver with no license or insurance gets £350 fine; cyclist who jumps red light gets fined £700!

Brighton cyclist fined £700 for going through a red light.

£700 fine for cyclist

Richard Hodgson, 53, was found guilty of ignoring a red traffic light, cycling without lights, cycling on the pavement and failing to stop for police.

Brighton magistrates fined him £700 and ordered him to pay £215 in costs.

The Argus article on the web is much shorter than the one published where a Bricycles spokesperson described the fine as 'harsh'!