Saturday, 12 July 2003

Added two new weird photos from Ralph of City Cyclists -- now up to page 7 of guest photos!

From John S. Allen: I fume with rage and laughter over your Weird Cycle Lanes pages. The British authorities are even more wacko than most in the USA. There may be an explanation for this in that the British legal system does not provide as much recourse as the US system -- see a discussion of this about halfway through the paper at

which is not a paper about cycle lanes but does discuss the legal systems.

But we have our wacko cycle lanes in the USA too, consider this page which I have just posted on my website::

and also

I do suggest, however that one example which you appear to give as a good one,

is a poor one. Placing a two-way cycle lane adjacent to a two-way roadway is bonkers for several reasons, see

Feel free to use my photos on your guest pages! I need to link to you.

But also, have you ever read either of John Forester's books, Bicycle Transportation or Effective Cycling? These explain the *theory* of traffic movement for cyclists and provide a basis for analysis of some of the designs which look good to the uninformed but which experienced cyclists know to be deadly.

I do intend to provide a link to your pages. I have noted that while the design of bicycle facilities in Germany is improving, those countries which have recently decided to "do something" for bicycling, notably the UK and France, have determined to make all the old mistakes over again, and worse.

Whoa, it just struck me -- when I saw the photo of the burning West Pier -- your Brighton is the Brighton of Graham Greene's fine novel, Brighton Rock which I read some eons ago. Well, minus the West Pier.

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