Tuesday, 28 November 2006


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Rows of cobbles designed to knobble the unwary cyclist seem to be springing up all over the place. On Providence Place, just by St Barts church, our council has laid these cobbles. What are they for? They clearly don't calm cars, but are a hazard to cyclists using this as a quiet route from Preston Circus to the North Laine. Ironically, because of the road camber, the middle section where the cars go is relatively lower! They are also to be found on Ann Street.


Chris said...

Hi there.
Is there any chance those cobbles are intended as "tactile indicators" for the visually impaired? I notice in one photo they're near a pedestrian crossing which has yellow "tactiles" set into the footpath. Does that explain the others too? (I'm not saying I think the cobbles are a good idea, but it may answer your question about why they're turning up!)
Chris from Oz

Fred said...

I think a visually impared person would come a cropper and bruise their knees if they encountered these while walking in the road! They are supposed to be traffic calming, but have little effect on the speed of the cars and vans crossing them...


Willthejuggler said...

Traffic calming!? i ride my moutain bike over them without slowing down, let alone a car.