Saturday, 15 May 2004

Letter: Police should stop wasting time targeting cyclists

First published on Friday 14 May 2004:

Letter: Police should stop wasting time targeting cyclists

Have the police really got nothing better to do?

I thought we were supposed to be encouraging people to get out of their cars and get some exercise.

What could be nicer than cycling along the seafront amidst the roller bladers, joggers and walkers?

I was in Munich last month and was amazed and delighted by the number of people on bikes - all shapes and ages - and happily mixing with other park users without the need to single them out.

Coincidentally there didn't appear to be much traffic in the centre of Munich either.

Will the police be issuing fines to the pedestrians who amble aimlessly into the cycle lanes?

Or what about wobbling roller bladers careering from one side of the prom to the other?

Sure - have a stern word with cyclists who 'ride two or three abreast at 30mph' (are they maybe being confused with bikes that have engines?), but please don't do any more to discourage people from getting out of their cars and on to healthier and more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

-John Lemonius, Steyning,

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