Tuesday, 11 May 2004

This presumably refers to the ultra-wide Hove esplanade?

Bike-lane rebels cop �30 tickets: First published in The Argus on Monday 10 May 2004:

Bike-lane rebels cop �30 tickets
by Huw Borland

Cyclists riding illegally were given �30 on the spot fines during a police operation on Brighton and Hove seafront.

Police Community Safety Officers on bikes yesterday issued tickets which have to be paid within 28 days.

PSCOs Ben Mitchell and Nick Packham issued a fine within minutes of starting their patrol, when a cyclist refused to leave the promenade.

Mr Mitchell said: 'The fines are a little unexpected for people and they say they did not know the rules but there are enough signs.

'We just explain that they have to use the cycle lane. If we see them do it a second or a third time, we use strict penalties.

'People do go along here at ridiculous speed. When they ride two or three abreast at 30mph, it's simply dangerous.

'We're trying to make the promenade safer for everyone.'

The cycling ban on the promenade was introduced to prevent accidents and make walkers feel safer.

But pedestrian and father-of-two Matt Taylor, 39, of Brighton, was annoyed.

He said: 'I think �30 is too extreme. The promenade is a lovely place to ride a bicycle.

'As long as they take due care, it's a shame to take it away from cyclists. The council put a cycle lane by the road when there is enough room on the promenade.

'Everyone likes to jog or roller-blade along here but you cannot ride. Having the cycle lane by the road is encouraging people to break the rules.'

Cyclist Albino Monteiro, 38, of Hove, said people who disobeyed the rules should be penalised and felt it was important to keep walkers and bikes apart.

He said: 'If cyclists have been told once and they do not do as they are told, they deserve a fine.

'The cycle lane has been made for us so we should use it. Cyclists should respect the laws. That's how you stop people getting hurt.'

Mr Mitchell said random police patrols to enforce the cycling ban could be expected throughout the summer."

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